..What I Wore..

Now that I am done with work (no still don't believe it), I realized I have time for some things I have always loved, but never had much of a chance with since, well, college (except of course for the occasional night of going out).  I remember all through out high school, constantly being excited to come up with new outfits, new make up and hair styles, etc., etc....SO

I am going to try to do some

What I Wore

posts, some

Make-Up (Your Mind)

posts, and some

Hairy Nonsense

Posts. If not anything else, at least it will help motivate me to get dressed now that I have no where to go!

So here's the first one. And no I don't think I am sort of fashionista, make-up artist or hair expert.  I just like experimenting! 

Yesterday was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in Charlottesville. Seriously, almost 70 degree weather at the end of January - yes please.  I of course had to celebrate with some bright colors and one of my favorite combinations - turquoise and coral.

Happy Saturday!