Milford Sound in New Zealand

And it's my last week of work (and my birthday's this week) before I start doing my art full time.  What a lovely birthday present I've given myself! I hope it doesn't come back to kick me in the butt ;)

Since I've been all about getting organized and starting over in preparation for my first full week off of work, I had to redo my cork board full of business goals, business rules, inspiration, motivation, etc., etc...

As you can tell, I am really excited to be around the pup more often.  I hate that she has to stay in a cage all day while we are at work, so I'm just happy that she'll be able to get outside more and get some more exercise.  Ahh...I love that cute little wrinkled face. 

Along with organizing the business, it seems that the apartment has had some organization going on too. I don't know what it is, but as long as I've been here, there is always something to change.  I'm loving the way the apartment is looking now (cleared some stuff out of the bedroom, moved the fish tank, been putting sprouts of color all of the place). 

The lovely man and I made some homemade pretzels for the game last night..yum, yum, yum. 

And lots of coffee later and Tessa buried underneath all the organizing and the apartment is finally finished.  Just some cleaning to do.  We'll see if it stays like this until it's time to move (coming closer and closer now). 

This weekend was so much fun - with a rainy Saturday and finally our first frost and snow, (nothing like it is in Jersey!) we couldn't have had a better weekend. The weather really was beautiful. 

I'm going to miss Charlottesville...

Hope everyone else had a great weekend.  Time to get to work!