Just A Girl And Her Sketchbook (40)

And here we are, just trying to get through another week.  Some weeks are easy.  Some drag on.  Most fall somewhere in between and this week is just that.  But next week is already Thanksgiving, which means Christmas is just around the corner.  And that feels good.  

Our first Christmas with a little one and we can't wait.  But until then - all things fall. 

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There's something so special about the fluidity of watercolors that draws me and my rigid personality in.  Being able to have some control, but really letting them decide for themselves what they are going to do - well that's just plain magic.  And if only I can relay that to my normal, ordinary every day life.  Because we all know I can be a little too in control.  And maybe, just maybe, if I let loose a little bit more some of that magic would come in and out of my life effortlessly.  

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Home sweet home feels so good.  Having a baby makes home even that much sweeter.  We're in the constant dilemma week after week to stay homebodies or to venture off at least once each day.  Regardless of if we leave the house, we go on our walk everyday with our puppies and this fall has just been unbelievable so far.  There's nothing like some fresh air on a crisp, sunny day. Happy Wednesday all! 

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This week has felt chaotic and I'm ready to just get buried in my work, but the days just keep passing by too quickly before I can even pick up my camera or a paint brush.  I'm determined, though, that next week will be THE week. 

And please, that's not to say I'm not enjoying life.  Because me and my girl during the days rock.  And we were at the beach this weekend.  And it was beautiful.  And my husband rocks. So I'm really not complaining -- just missing my work.  And hey, missing something is good, right? 

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Tomorrow is officially my due date.  And it's weird.  Because it's kind of this impending date you've had in your head for months upon months, but it also doesn't really mean much at all.  And these days everything is a balance of getting stuff done and trying to relax.  And of course anticipating at any moment that this little girl can make her arrival.  I'm not the most patient person in the world, but I think if pregnancy has taught me anything, it's patience.  And that can be a virtue as an artist, so I'll take it and embrace it.  

Just A Girl And Her Sketchbook (22)

Just another Friday and just another girl with her sketchbook.  And I must admit, I had no idea what to expect when setting out to start a sketchbook with nothing in mind, and even thought my sketchbook may not really be a sketchbook, I am surprised I've stuck with it.  It's a great way to get your hands moving.  And who doesn't like playing with color, scissors, glue, and messy paint?!