Blurring boundaries to establish balance is my objective in such an unpredictable and often chaotic world.  Introverted in nature, it is nature I turn to on a daily basis.  Stranded on land, I am continually drifting to sea.  Constantly moving and never at ease, the ocean feels right to me.  It is not a place of escape, but a place of presence. 

Much of my early work blurs the distinction between land and sea -- for my weight is forever shifting between these two worlds -- where as some of my most current work blurs the boundaries of both time and medium.  With photography being reminiscent of the past and painting being an ever-present act, my work combines these two mediums to become a meditative pause between the past and the present.  It's a moment to breathe in the very busy world we can become consumed by. 

With my background in photography, painting has become a natural progression for me to further study color, movement, and texture.  By painting on top of my photographs in a gestural manner, I create both physical and metaphorical layers, balancing  precision and chance and creating an equilibrium between chaos and organization. Like a poet who uses her words and rhythm to evoke an emotional response, I use color and shape -- often undefined and somewhat amorphous -- to elicit such responses. 



My blog, Just A Girl, is my place to have FUN. I take my work very seriously, so my blog is my outlet to just create and be free.  The title, Just A Girl, comes in part from anonymity -- it's not really supposed to be about me BUT about the images and that incessant need to create.  It is about finding that commonality among creatives that helps build a unifying community as opposed to the introverted anguished artist I often fall prey to.  I'm just a girl.  Just another artist.  Just another person exploring my creativity in the happiest way I know how. 

And yes, there's also that hint of "I will always be a girl and never a woman." Because when does one actually become a woman? You can find me posting three days a week on all things dealing with those issues -- anonymity, femininity, and creativity -- in the most fun and colorful way I know how.  You can find things such as Just A Girl Holding Flowers, Just A Girl And Her Sketchbook, Just a Girl and Her Studies, and Just A Girl And Her Inspiration