Just A Girl And Her Inspiration - December 2016

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I took the above picture (1) a few weeks ago and it screamed out Christmas to me.  Then, Christmas seemed far away, but now, now it's that exciting, joyful, magical time of year. And add some shades of blue to the typical red and green and white and things are feeling fresh and new and exciting.  And who doesn't want to be excited? BEST FEELING EVER. Happy December! Let the festivities begin! 

Oh, and here's a look at last year's inspiration! 

Just A Girl And Her Inspiration - November 2016

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The colors of fall have finally gotten to me.  And add that crisp blue sky and a little bit of pink and I'm in love.  Certainly not my usual color palette, but I am digging it.  And since I liked looking back last month, here's last year's November's inspiration.  Hmm - how funny is it that both Novembers include pieces by Heather Day. Her work, which I love, must just scream fall! 

Happy November! 

Just A Girl And Her Inspiration (August 2016)

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We have so many NEW things going on at the start of this month, and though it can be overwhelming, it can also be exciting.  We have lots of new rooms to dream up and decorate in this new house, and our main hall bath is screaming for these colors I think.  

Happy August! And happy inspiration!

PLUS our little girl officially made her entrance into this world on July 27th, so things may be a bit slow around here for awhile.  I am officially taking advantage of soaking in all the newborn goodness because I know this moment is going to go by SO fast.  Happy Monday!

Just A Girl And Her Inspiration - May 2016


I am most definitely like a broken record saying every month that I can't believe a new month is already here and how quickly time has been going, but I must say, this month I am SO ready for a fresh start.  Even though April flew by (hey, I said I was a broken record), I was so busy with everything that it also felt extremely slow and drawn out.  But May - May, I am looking forward to you! 

I've been lost in a sea of deep blues dreaming about a trip to Greece (and hopefully back to Ibiza) next summer with our unborn daughter.  Likely? Probably not.  But it sure is nice to dream about it.  And these colors currently have me all giddy in anticipation. 

A Girl And Her Inspiration - January 2016

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I am, of course, a few weeks behind on my inspiration this month, but after finally being settled, it feels the new year/new month is just starting for me.  And I am embracing it.  Just like everyone else jumping on board with the Pantone Color(s) of 2016, I too am just smitten, at least with Rose Quartz.  And pair it with either a warm white or a cool white (or both), and it just gets even better. 

Happy inspiration!

Just A Girl And Her Inspiration - December 2015

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I took an unexpected, but much needed, break from, well, everything these past few days (maybe even weeks), and I am back in the studio welcoming a new month with open arms.  As always, with the winter months approaching, I am falling deeply in love with the ever-so-classic black and white combination (yet again).  And add some soft and subtle hues in the mix and I am just in love. 

Here's to hoping the winter months are full of inspiration.  I got a lot on my plate these next few months, but as long as I can sneak in the studio every day, I'll survive just fine.

Happy December friends!

A Girl And Her Inspiration - Novemer 2015

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As always, another month has flown by.  I am sure I always say this, but this month has seriously seemed the fastest yet.  And don't even get me started on 2015. This year has FLOWN by and I just cannot even begin to fathom the fact that 2016 is right around the corner.  2016. Really?!

I've been experimenting with much moodier colors in my studio (I mean it is the fall and all).  It's completely out of my comfort zone, which means it's completely thrilling.  These above colors are currently my e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  November, I have high hope for you. Don't disappoint me. 

Just A Girl And Her Inspiration - October 2015

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Well I suppose I can't fight fall much longer because it is October tomorrow.  I tend to be in love with anything rust colored and mustard yellow colored, so the fall should suit me, but I kind of have a love/hate relationship with sweaters.  I love them.  A lot.  Especially like ALL OF THE ONES ABOVE.  But I tend to love them on other people.  And then I put them on and it's all eh. But every once in awhile, I try on the most perfect sweater/cardigan and it is love at first wear.  The only problem is that once that happens, it is only a matter of minutes/hours/days/weeks until the dogs inevitable ruin the knitted perfection.

Like I said, I have a love/hate relationship with sweaters and it appears that perhaps that same relationship exists with fall.  Oh well, Happy (almost) October!

PS I am still swooning over this Pretty Loves from last fall!

Just A Girl And Her Inspiration - September 2015

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Even though there is always a bit of a buzz with the seasons changing (especially in the spring and the fall), I am really sad to see summer go and say hello to September. I can already feel the slight chill in the air during my morning runs.  We had such a good start of the summer in Ibiza - we are still dreaming of it.  But then the rest of the summer just kind of flew by, as it always does. 

Since one trip to the ocean is not nearly enough for an entire summer, we'll be heading to Tulum in a few weeks for one last hoorah.  And I can't wait.  Maybe September won't be too bad after all. 

And as for the bright, cheery, airy colors of summer - yea, they'll be sticking with me regardless of the weather outside.  Happy September!

Just A Girl And Her Inspiration - July 2015

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All winter I was surprised by how much light poured into my studio - it was much brighter than I ever remembered.  Then spring happened, leaves grew, and I realized that big beautiful tree outside my studio window casts quite the shadow on my workspace.  No wonder I didn't remember it being so bright.

So here I am, contemplating moving my studio.  I don't want to do the work, but the idea of a fresh clean slate is always something that appeals to me.  Above are the current colors I am craving against all white everything.  Sounds heavenly.  And inspirational.  And hey, that's what a studio should be.  Speaking of which - have you seen Sugar and Cloth's studio space? Droolworthy.

Happy July!


Just A Girl And Her Inspiration - June 2015

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Fresh bright whites, fresh pops of colors - holy heartbeat, slow down a little.  Today's inspiration is especially full of life because I am celebrating my wedding anniversary with my husband.  We ventured into a new personal blog now that this one is my dedicated art blog, so if you want to check us out (it's FAR from done), you can find us here.

Happy June! And Happy Anniversary, my love!