Just A Girl And Her Legs (13)

I used to MAJORLY get the Sunday blues, but not it's more the Monday morning blues.  Which means Monday is the least productive day in this household.  But I'm learning to embrace it, and just kick butt Tuesday through Friday.  So let's make Mondays a little lazier, a little more fun, and a little something to look forward to. 

Just A Girl And Her Legs (13)

I'm hoping October is the month to get back into me - into my work, into my exercise, into eating right, into finishing (or starting?) decorating the house and just into a routine of some sort.  So far, life after baby is exactly how I imagined it and at the same time exactly opposite of how I imagined it.  Which makes me happy that I really didn't have any sort of set expectations because I think I would be thoroughly disappointed by now. 

One thing I was not expecting, though, was falling more in love with this girl each day that passes when it already feels like I could never love her more than I already do. 

Ahh life, you're kind of awesome. 

Just A Girl And Her Legs (9)

It's so crazy how quickly time goes.  I scanned in some pressed flowers in April, and now here we are, in August, and I am finally using one of the files (as my skirt). And here I am, looking at tomorrow, trying to understand how my baby girl is already going to be a month old.  Time has always gone fast, but this past month has been insanely quick.  How is my baby girl already so big?!


Just A Girl And Her Legs (7)

Well I thought last night was the start of labor (and I suppose it could still be), but no baby girl yet.  I don't mind waiting for her, but I must admit I am super excited to get rid of swollen ankles and feet and have shoes that actually fit me again.  And of course super excited to see that little face.  Let's not minimize that.  

Happy Monday (just another Monday being preggars)!


Just A Girl And Her Legs (6)

Pictures can certainly be deceiving, but I sort of like that sometimes.  These pants, these beautifully colored and most definite maternity pants, got absolutely no wear other than in this picture because they didn't fit as soon as I bought them (and yes I tried them on).  But hey, they somehow look like they fit here.  

What can I say? I just can't resist a good color.  

Just A Girl And Her Legs (5)

It's officially the last Monday in June and I/we are officially in crunch time.  I tend to like crunch times ONLY because when they are over and you get through them, it feels so. damn. good. Am I right? 

Just another Monday and just another picture of legs because, well, that's what I do.  Happy last week of June!

Just A Girl And Her Legs (3)

This image, from a little over six months ago, is one of the few images that made me realize my legs were making a comeback (confused? Read about it here).  And in case you are one of those people who never clicks on a link, I am in no way talking about the physical shape of my legs! 

Anyway, it's so funny to look at this picture now, all these months later, and see everything that has changed.  Here my new studio space was freshly finished (completely unaware of the fact that we would be putting the house up for sale only weeks later).  My belly is tiny and completely empty (hello no baby and especially no baby bump).  And home was Virginia.  It's so funny how fast time goes and how quickly things change, but what's great is when change can be easily embraced because we all know that's not necessarily always the case.  I feel so grateful and inspired that in my current situation the change feels well welcomed.  

Here's to embracing change this Monday. 

Just A Girl And Her Legs (1)

If you've been following my blog from the beginning, you may remember when I did a 52 project of well, my legs.  You can see the recap of it here and the initial inspiration behind it here! Anyway, the point of all of this is that after a much needed break, my legs seem to be making a sudden reappearance in my images.  And guess what? I'm loving it.

I'm currently hoping this week kicks off (and remains) as good as last week.  I was the most productive I have been in months and it was mighty, mighty nice! Happy Monday!