Just A Girl And Her Paint (25)

This weekend was way busier and way more chaotic than I would have liked, but hey, sometimes that's how things go.  So I'm trying to play catch up today even though all I really want to do is decorate for Christmas.  We started our outside lights two weeks ago, but with a baby that naps in 20 minute increments, it's a hard thing to finish! We're still only about halfway done, so here's to hoping it's done before Christmas come around.

Oh Monday, treat us well, will ya? 

Just A Girl And Her Paint (24)

And so it is.  The start of another week that will pass by ridiculously fast.  I was very much looking forward to this fall, back in our home state, with our new baby and all our friends and family around, but I feel like I blinked my eyes and it's already almost over.  And winter? Well that doesn't necessarily get me excited, but the holidays do.  So here's to sweaters, the color of wine, family, and delicious baked desserts that always make an appearance for the holidays.  

Just A Girl And Her Paint (22)

I'm stilling riding the high of the most perfect fall weekend ever.  Sometimes Mondays absolutely stink, but on rare occasions, you can see that such a day is needed in order to see how great the other days can be.  

I'm still thinking weekends should be three days, but one can dream. And one SHOULD dream. Happy Monday...

Just A Girl And Her Paint (21)

I feel like I'm finally really fine-tuning my aesthetic, but it's sort of a funny position to be in. Because once you're there, things become safe and then it's hard to grow out of it.  So it's a continual evolution of discovering who you are in your work, where you want to be, getting to that place, and then branching out from it once you're there (even though it's where you want to be). 

Does the cycle ever end? I'm not sure if I'd even want it to if it could.  Because I mean that's sort of what it's all about, isn't it? Discovering yourself and then rediscovering yourself over and over again. 

Just A Girl And Her Paint (20)

An older picture that feels time appropriate with a fresh coat of paint to make it brand new. Newborn life is most definitely a blur, but as we are approaching six weeks with our baby, things are slowly becoming more routine. 

And let's be honest, although it's boring, I thrive on routine.  So here's to hoping pretty soon I can start creating as part of my day to day routine! Come on baby, let mama paint :) 

Just A Girl And Her Paint (17)

It's hard to believe that June is already over next week, which means my butt it going to be moving like crazy all week.  Summer is officially here and I am spending time soaking up all things summery and balancing it off with working like a madwoman.  And it feels really good. Because who can be overworked in the summer?! 

Just A Girl And Her Paint (15)

The chaos of May has finally settled down (it was a crazy month) and I'm hoping this last week will be spent oceanside, even if it is still cold and rainy.  Can you even believe summer is just around the corner? This spring seemed NONEXISTENT, and although I am always happy to welcome summer, I feel cheated by spring this year. 

Just A Girl And Her Paint (14)

It was a hectic weekend and it's going to be a hectic week, BUT it's all exciting things.  We are officially in transit this week to New Jersey.  Let the moving (and transitioning) begin.  One transition down, one more to go, and hopes are that we are settled into a house all before our little girl arrives.  For the first time in five years, we will no longer be Virginia residents.  And it feels oddly normal. 

And guess what? Even though it can be stressful, it's very exciting.  And even though I may not be having as much time to create, the moments I do have are deeply treasured and I'm feeling more creative than ever before.  So here's to a happy, happy week! 

Just A Girl And Her Paint (13)

There's not too much to say on this Monday because I am busy trying to knock things off my to-do list.  Time, as always, is going WAY too fast, and I am trying to get caught up with a million things at once.  But I am beginning to realize it's a very hard to task to stay caught up when there are a million other things going on.  I CAN'T WAIT TO BE SETTLED AGAIN. 

Happy Monday! 

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An official Happy Spring to everyone!  I've been looking forward to this week for awhile, and I am thoroughly going to enjoy it.  I am taking the week off of work and immersing myself with family and friends.  It's been too long and feels great.  I can't think of a better way to start off the season. 

Happy Monday!