Milford Sound in New Zealand

I am so, so, so happy it is Friday! Wahoo. I can't believe after next week I'll be doing this full time.  Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! 

I've been starting to get ready for my gallery show coming up in spring, so I've been brainstorming what I want the final installation to be (I'm leaning towards a mesh - which works well since it's the

Blurred Reality

series - of large scale photographs, paintings on wood of a few of those photographs, and smaller transferred photos on wood). Anyway, I thought it would be a great post for

Fabulous Photo Friday

to do a

DIY: Transferring Photos to Wood 

It would have started like so..

Except this is how my wood turned out!!

At first I was totally bummed it didn't work out (I know getting the right ratio of gel medium is hard), but when I looked at the canvas, I


how it looked.  It was so textural and beautiful.  I actually laughed thinking about my brother and his favorite Bob Ross quote:

"We don't make mistakes here, we just have happy accidents."

I thought it would be cool to then paint the picture over it, but I think I ruined the textural look of it.  We'll see if something comes of it, but it really was a happy mistake (if I didn't ruin it).  

And when I do master the art of transferring photographs to wood, I'll certainly share it!

I've been struggling with photography recently.  I think working in the commercial photography industry has put a very sour taste in my mouth with photography in general, so I've been trying to find that love for it again.  Since this week has been all about getting back to my roots, I figured the

photographer of the week

should be someone  who uses the core of photography as their subject matter -- light. 

There is something so magical about

Valeria Heine's

images and I think it's that she strips photography for all that it is - capturing light. 

I figured there was no better way to force myself behind the camera then to try and catch some light myself.  I'm no Valeria, but at least I was excited to take some pictures!

I also found some lovely weird sprouting things (yes that's the scientific name) from our walk on the trail that I decided to take home with me.  I've been loving natural objects against different textures/patterns/papers.  

That's all for today! Be prepared for lots more coming in these next few weeks. 

Happy Weekend! Enjoy it!