Milford Sound in New Zealand

Since this week has been all about getting organized and starting new/getting back to the basics, I figured what could be better than turquoise to brighten up the week.  My

humpday hero

banner is featuring the wonderful color each week.  I don't know what it is about the color, but it just always pops for me. 

Love love love me some turquoise. 










New dishes also seem to help inspire, don't you think? I love having a white kitchen, but having everything else in it extremely bright.  Me and the man went a bit crazy at Target this weekend on dishes, but...

1) It's only Target 


2) How pretty did our first load of dishes look?

I'm thinking red is slowly creeping in all over the apartment :)

  Knowing I get to look at this adorable face ALL the time pretty soon once I am working from home full time is definitely getting me through this week. It is Wednesday after all - almost the weekend!

Since we're focusing on turquoise (and red, and dishes, and Tessa...) as inspiration this week, I figured the perfect artist to add to the inspiration is:

Carly Waito 

Nope, she's not a big ball of turquoise, but she paints beautiful portraits of natural minerals that are out of this world.  I've been obsessing over her paintings recently. 

"Carly Waito's small oil paintings indulge a lifelong fascination with the natural world – especially the little parts we feel compelled to pick up and keep. Her meticulously detailed renderings of mineral specimens draw the viewer in, encouraging close inspection of the material qualities of the subjects. They explore the common impulse to possess pieces of the natural world which we find beautiful or curious and to assign complex layers of value to these objects based on a range of factors, such as rarity, historical context, personal memories, scientific significance, and subjective notions of beauty. They are an extension of her interest in natural history, collecting, curiosity, wonder, and the appeal of small things."

..Carly Waito..

Ahh..don't you just want to go look for some pretty rocks? 

One last bit of wow to share - a Goyte cover and brilliant video (original is great too!)

Yes, they are all playing one guitar :)

Hope everyone is inspired to get through the rest of the work week! 

Happy Hump Day! 

Can't wait for this weekend.