And the winner is..

Before I get to ANYTHING else, it's time to announce the winner of the giveaway!

After a long, long process (with many volunteers - the man and the pup)'s a recap of how we got to choosing the final name...

1) all the names in the bowl

2) man takes a deep breathe and digs in

3) first name (no peeking)

4) looking for the second name

5) final name

6) final three - don't you want to peek?!

7) placed in Tessa's enrichment toy with treats

8) final tab to push over

9) and she's off - Tessa's turn to help

10) And she picks...

Tara Gomberg!

Congrats Tara! Hope you enjoy your series of

Yes, I Swim

Metallic Prints!

Tess seemed quite satisfied with her participation.

And for kicks and giggles we decided to check who the other two names were and they were the same name! So


..You get to pick your favorite 

Yes, I Swim

 Metallic Print..

That's all for now.  Congratulations winners!