Milford Sound in New Zealand

Happy Monday!

I am actually excited to start this week (wink, wink)!

I have lots of small kinks to work out before I start really creating stuff full time, but I'm hoping by early next week I'll be diving into lots and lots of projects.  I have them all lined up already (in my head). 

I had a lovely birthday and I am so excited the man got me my drawing tablet because it makes some of those kinks I'm working out soooo much easier.  Wahoo for him and his thoughtfulness. I am quite a low key kind of person when it comes to my birthday, so it could not have gotten better...


..Homemade French Toast Birthday Breakfast..

..Homemade falafel and garlic and lemon sweet potato fries.. 

..Delicious Cupcakes..

..Quality time with my man and my pup..


How cute is the

Mermaid Happy Birthday


Speaking of mermaids, my lovely honey also got me a mermaid piece of art that I loved at the gallery opening we went to last week.  So sweet!

Which got me to thinking our new fish tank/yellow area needed some shelves and more yellow. 

Oh no, here we go again..

I did the map and the always kiss me quickly that day.  

The shark painting was given to me by my sister from the lovely artist

Cleo Vilett

 (love her work).

And the framed mermaid postcard is one I drew and sent my man (when he was yet my man) when I was living in Hawaii.  

Love our new fish corner!

Hope everyone has a good kick off to the week. I'm off to get buried in work ;)