Monday already? Again?

   The weekend went fast yet again, but the hot air balloon ride was splendid.  I think pictures do much more justice than words, so first, some picture of me in awe of the moment (my man is a photographer now). 

 Okay now some pictures of the balloon taking off before us:

Pictures of us from the photographer:

Now pictures of the actual ride (Virginia is beautiful):

So at the end of the ride, we apparently all had jobs.  Anthony's job: keep the balloon down. Success. 

So with a high last week of selling a painting, views increasing, viewers in 5 countries (US, UK, Germany, India and Malaysia), I've seem to have hit a low.  Cameras seem to have bad luck around me these days and I am currently down to two with my main camera somewhat working.  My point and shoot I bring EVERYWHERE with me actually broke from the flame of the hot air balloon.  My Nikon SLR has slowly been losing it's life (first a dead pixel that isn't worth the money to fix, a strange delay and clicking when the shutter goes off, and now, my main lens is completely loose making it impossible to focus).  Another toy (don't think toy means it's not expensive camera) broke with film in it.  Boo hoo.  If only I was a rich woman.  It seems like I'll be sticking with painting for awhile - hopefully I can make some money.  Until then, I'll do my best to stay motivated, so inspiration for the day:

Until next time, stay motivated everyone :) I need it and so do you.