And the painting continues:

The next animal is up in the "Yes, I Swim" painting series - featuring....

The Japanese Macaque.  

Hope you enjoy :)

Did I mention the pig one already sold? Crazy.  So so happy and excited.  So if you like this one, buy, buy buy :) 

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The inspiration has been dwindling (what's going on pinterest?!), but maybe it's just because I am already inspired.  This project has kept me extremely busy, excited, motivated, and it's actually bringing in profit (not much at all, but hey, it's something!).  

So my only inspiration for today is in cheese.  Yes people, cheese.  Oh this is so so true. 

One last moment of inspiration came late last night (from some old posts on pinterest) in the form of rearranging our books in color order.  I am aware we are a few books short in order to really get the point across, but hey, we're at a start.  Need many more green and purple books. Any donations? (Preferably good books)

Okay - last note of the day.  I advise everyone to get National Geographic this month - cover story = Spirit Bears.  Have you heard of them/seen them???

Oceanwide Images

So the "Spirit Bear," better know as the Kermode bear, is a subspecies of the American Black Bear. They live in the British Columbia, Canada and a tenth of the species are noting have this beautiful cream-colored fur (seen above).  From the pictures I have seen of them, what makes them so striking is that they are constantly against that green/mossy background, which resonates with the beauty of the bear and its coat color.  

Very cool, right? Go get National Geographic.  And just as some side notes: They are not albino.  They are not any more related to polar bears or "blonde" brown bears than any other member of their species. They have more success catching fish because of the color of their coat!

Okay last thing before I'm done for today - I ate basil from the garden today! Whoop whoop.