Oh Wednesday, Come Again Next Week

I keep forgetting to mention that I have been selected as a finalist in the Photographer's Forum competition, which I am thrilled about.  I doubt I'll make it past the next round, but there were around 14,000 submissions and my photograph was top 11% and therefore getting published in this year's coffee table book for the magazine.  I think this is the furthest one of my pieces has gotten in a juried show.  The photo I entered is from my first trip to Malaysia.  I guess that horrid climb up Mt. Kinnabalu was worth it for the pictures.  I have never in my life seen a terrain change so often and so drastically - it really was an incredible experience (just painful on the legs and lungs). 

Here's the picture:

Laura Edria Tanis

Because I was so thrilled to be a finalist, it got me thinking about my future in photography and the course I should take my life in the next few years.  There are so many options - so many contests to enter, grants to apply for, decisions in applying for an MFA and where to apply if I do, etc., etc. Apparently, the stress has set in.  Who knew being an artist consisted of so much schooling/so many decisions.  

Advice anyone?

So in an effort to pick up my day, first some lovely words (www.pinterest.com), two bedrooms that would make me feel so much better right now, a wish list (anyone into the Secret - I want these things, if I act like I already have them, I'll obtain them - does such thinking work for materialistic things?! ha), then the sketch for the day.  Enjoy. 

Bedrooms to make me feel better:



Wish list - yes please, with some sugar on top

1. Rumplestilz Brown Boots. Adorable. And only $89. I think it's a good buy and I think I need them. (



2. Inflatable Igloo.  How cool is that?! (



3. Oh Darling Let's Be Adventurous Tote.  $18. Adorable. (



4. Most Beautiful Ring Ever. Price - doesn't matter. (



5. I Shoot Like A Girl Sterling Silver Pendant and Camera Charm. $48. (



Sketchbook today (continuing in the Yes, I'm Real theme - if you need an explanation, check out the bottom of 

this post


Yes, I'm Real (Duck)

Laura Edria Tanis

Perhaps getting lost on pinterest can brighten my day.  I rearranged all boards today and they are beautiful.  Check them out!