So Inspired...

I don't know if it's summer, the move to Virginia, the time I have to spend on things (for once in my life), but I have been so inspired and it is wonderful.  Absolutely wonderful - it's been awhile.  Surprisingly enough (well perhaps after 4 years of being immersed in it) photography seems to be on the bottom of my list of experimenting.  Not that I dislike it, or anything even close to that, I've just been very into painting and doing other things.  

So I gave you a sneak peak yesterday of what I was going to paint today, so here it is.  I enjoyed doing this so much that it is definitely stemming to a series.  Animals you don't expect to be in the water, immersing themselves in the water (with neon dots of course - been really into neon).  Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas on what animals to paint, feel free to email me (I've been working on a list - got about 12 animals so far).  

First, behind the scenes shots:

Kate, notice where I hung my painting - top left.  Love, love, love it. 

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Speaking of elephants, I was somewhat nauseated painting this piece today because I just found out that after I supported the movie Water for Elephants (as in went to go see it because I loved the book) that the elephant was brutally electrocuted as part of training.  A video of the footage leaked after the film came out.  It's so unfortunate that people are such a** holes with animals.  Anyone interested in going to see the movie Zookeeper, don't support it.  It's the same training company.  Disgusted. 

On a much brighter note, Anthony and I have found a super delicious frozen yogurt place down here called Sweet Frog.  It is so yummy and going to be our new thing to do once a week instead of pigging out on ice cream at home.  I am pretty sure they are only in Virginia, but if anyone happens to pass one, go try it! So yum.  

Some inspiration for the day.  From yours truly, Pinterest. Please note the humor in the first one (Anthony asks all the time if I'm addicted to Pinterest and my answer is always, why yes). 

 I absolutely love the above painting (particularly the colors)...I am totally going to do a remake of this next week. 

 I've been seeing these all over (especially on Etsy) and I am loving them.  Vintage dictionary pages with some type of drawing over it.  Obsessed.  Must try this too. 

This cracks me up because it is totally true.  Not only that, but my sisters will find a sense of humor in this because when I was younger and pretending I was a mermaid, I made some comment in the pool about how King Triton said I was too pretty to be a mermaid.  Ahh..the confidence of being a child. 

This last one is not at all inspiration, but peace of mind in knowing I am not the only one! Now, I don't really think that someone will kill me while I am washing my face, but yes, that split second I close my eyes, there are times when I open them and expect someone behind me with a knife.  I still think there are monsters under my bed.  In fact, every night I make Anthony turn off the lights and tell him it's 'the man's job' and every night he continues to laugh at me.  Last night I actually turned them off myself, after successfully washing my face without getting murdered, and I literally took one leap from the light switch to the bed.  I don't give those damn monsters a chance.