Happy Tabletop

I've been trying maintain a healthy lifestyle in an attempt to lose weight I've put on in the past year, and eating better is (and always has been) a struggle for me.  This is how I get my chocolate now.  Bunched with nuts.  And it's dark chocolate (not a fan!), but it's better than nothing.

I think.

Things currently making me happy:

-Running outside.  It's been about two years (or more!) since I've maintianed a running schedule, and it feels so good to start up again. There's something about running outside that's unlike any other work out for me.

-Hearing my adorable piggy sneeze for the first time.  And now that I've heard it, I can't believe I never had before. IT'S THE BEST! And I wasn't expecting it, so didn't record it, but I went ahead and googled a pig sneezing just for you. Unfortunately, no video does it justice for how cute it really is, so don't waste your time. I wasted it for you.

-Peaches. Enough said. Well maybe not. I'll say this...they have been



Happy Monday!

xo, Laura