Wedding: First Look

This was, by far, my most nervous moment of our wedding day - waiting for my man to tap me on the shoulder with all cameras around me.  My stomach was FULL of butterflies all bouncing around. 

One of the funniest (and probably most shocking) moments of the day was hearing someone say "Hi Laura" during our first look.  Yep, I guess my handsome soon to be hubby didn't realize it was meant to be an intimate moment and brought along his brother (the best man).  I literally had no idea he was there, so when he said hi, I started laughing hysterically.  Yep, he's the one with the sunglasses on and arms up! 

I love that last picture.  It's currently my desktop picture and makes me very happy every time I open my computer.  Thanks again

With Love & Embers


xo, Laura