Home Tour: Guest Bedroom 1

We have two guest bedrooms in our home (for right now) and one acts as more mature guest bedroom and one is more of a fun guest bedroom.  With both rooms, our main thing was we wanted people to feel comfortable and look forward to getting into bed at the end of the day.

Here's our first, more "mature" guest bedroom. 

This room was all about budget (as every room in our house is), but here, we actually spent very little.  The huge art on the wall are

my photographs

, printed on engineer prints from


.  I think the total cost was about fifteen dollars.  They are put on the wall with duct. Yep, that's right.  First with yellow to add a little pop of color, and then with black.  Then I outlined the entire statement wall (it's white and the other walls are grey) with the tape.  I was initially inspired by the idea that duct tape could look nice by


.  Impressive, right?

The other budget friendly DIY in this room is the light fixture.  We took down the old fan (which had no light, therefore the room had no light), and after seeing a few samples online, we made this light fixture out of zip ties and an old wire fruit basket.  I will probably eventually add more zip ties, but for now, this project cost about $10 (that's how much the pack of zip ties were). 

The other photographs on the (almost) done cork board are three of my favorite photographs by

Eltiott Erwitt

.  I've always been a super fan of his work and these three images haved moved from spot to spot around our home, but finally found their permanent place here.  

Now, who's ready to come stay with us?!

xo, Laura