Milford Sound in New Zealand

What a great weekend!

Now it's time to get my butt in gear and get everything finalized for my show. 

I can't believe how soon it's coming up. 

Speaking of the show, I finished one more painting (only two more to go). 

I know the hardest part for me for this show is coming up with titles. Titles kill me. 


I also did some shop updates on both



Society 6

Here are some of the newer products:

These two are the acrylic paintings done over the photo canvases I had made and was quite unhappy with. They are available as prints also. Don't they remind you of Tim Burton?!

There's something really striking to me about ocean critters in black and white, so I started some

Mini Love

paintings. Definitely more of these coming at some point.  These are also available in square metallic prints. 


Yes, I Swim (Polar Bear)

paintings are back from the gallery and back in the shop!

And finally, I started a new digital sketch series of course showing some

Camera Love

Here's the first finished one:

Back to the amazing weekend my man and I had - 

1) We did an epilepsy walk in DC and it turned out to be a gorgeous day. 

We got to see the new MLK memorial. 

Although the Cherry Blossoms were already gone, there were beautiful tulips everywhere. 

And there was an amazing kite festival going on. 

It really was a great day (A LOT OF WALKING THOUGH).

2) Then we went to go see some Roller Derby Saturday night here in Charlottesville and it was certainly entertaining. I, unfortunately, forgot to take pictures. 

So to end this

Mad Monday

post, how about some


Happy Monday! 

Milford Sound in New Zealand