Milford Sound in New Zealand

Oh Happy Monday!

I am excited for this week because I am trying (as always) to rethink the way I approach business/creating. 

I know I try to get too much done each week, which jeopardizes the quality of each and every piece I make/thing I do, and then I get so hard on myself because I know I can do better. 

So let's hope this week starts anew - no better time to have a fresh start than the beginning of spring :)

And speaking of spring, it has been absolutely gorgeous here in Charlottesville. 

So happy spring is finally here. 

Can you tell? Here's some


of the week: 

And guess what - got to a 100 followers on Instagram :)

I got a few photo canvases made a few months ago from a Living Social deal, but I was very disappointed when I got them in the mail - the quality was terrible.  Because I ordered a very abstract image split among two canvases though, I thought it would be really cool to paint over them.  I actually love how the first painting came out. 

I also started the second canvas (not finished yet), but here's a sneak peek (of some other paintings too):

Because I was so excited about the start of these paintings, I thought it would be pretty cool to do the same sort of thing digitally with my tablet. I am not so sure how I feel about them yet, but it was a good experiment I suppose. 

That's all I have for you, but I did add a bunch of stuff to

Society 6

, so check it out!

Enjoy the start of the week and the lovely spring weather..

Milford Sound in New Zealand