Milford Sound in New Zealand

I used to love wearing a lot of make-up back in the day, but now that I am getting older and entering the professional world, I really like to aim towards the natural look. 

I realized though (thanks to comments from others) that my natural look wasn't so natural. 

Isn't it just lovely hearing someone say, "Wow, you must love make-up?"

I think not. So I set out to find the perfect combination of products to obtain the natural look without going broke. 

I know for me getting, oily at the end of the day was always a huge problem, so I always stuck with powders and matte finishes, which, surprise, surprise, made the problem worse. Cakey looking make-up is the worst. 

So I moved to the liquid side (mostly) and I'm loving it. 

Here's my new

Natural Look:

I am loving the two products in (1) the first picture - they are both foamy and light and actually cover and give color, which is great.  I don't need any other coverup besides this light foundation.  The blush is perfect too because it just adds a hint of color (I think blush is something I definitely used to over do). 

To finish it off I just add a bit of shimmer (2) to my inner eyes and brows and I am done! 

And to my surprise, I don't get nearly as oily at the end of the day. 

Definitely try the first two products if you haven't yet :)

Enjoy your Saturday people!

Milford Sound in New Zealand