Happy Camera Day!

And it has arrived...the beautiful Canon 5D.  

I scurried around the apartment with the box when it finally came in - I was so happy.  Unfortunately, it came in rather late in the day, so I only had a little bit to play around with it.  But, I of course have some first pictures and of course they are of Tess.  

And the beautiful flowers the wonderful man got me just because. 

And introducing the new fish!

Be prepared for many, many more pictures and better pictures.  These are literally just picking the camera up for the first time.  I can't wait to keep shooting.  

Oh and one thing I really love about the camera is that it allows me to shoot in black and white and manually expose.  It's just like the old days :)

Introducing Sugar, a dalmatian Molly

Introducing Poopy, Caca (Sp?), Flaming and Wok, all Neon Tetras

That's all for now.  Have a productive Tuesday!