Earthquake Tuesday

Yes, earthquake.  What a day..

As you might be able to tell, less and less time being spent blogging because I GOT A JOB.  A part time job, but one that is exactly what I am looking for, so I am grateful.  Still looking for full time, but hey, I'll take what I can get.  

I am currently working as an assistant for one of the best known photographer's in Charlottesville Jen Fariello.  Her work is absolutely beautiful and I feel very fortunate to get a chance to work with her.  I've already learned so much that can help me out with my next job/future, etc. 

Check out her work/blog :)

This weekend was spent rearranging the bedroom in the apartment (I knew the itch would come soon enough even though I have only been here a few months) and it looks absolutely beautiful.  Just a few more finishing touches before this apartment is finished! (Ugh who wants to think about moving somewhere new in a year?! I love this apartment).  I've been working on a project for the bedroom wall incorporating a lot of artwork I have seen recently on top old dictionary pages and sheet music -- something I've been wanted to try.  I wanted to do a gallery/collage style framing and this is what I came up with. These frames aren't exactly what we picked out, but all I could find that is similar.  Ours are a bit more dramatic and more gold.  I cannot wait for this to be finished.  All drawings done by me and all the sheet music I scanned in and 'vintaged' up.  

bigger view of just the layered images

I also just started working on another collage decoration piece for the living room after we bought a huge clock that is surprisingly too small to be on a wall by itself.  Pictures within the frames consist of pictures I have taken during my travels.  

Let me know what you guys think! Both projects will be finished/hung when we get back from our trip to Jersey for Labor Day Weekend.  

Now, back to the earthquake.  I had just gotten back from food shopping today and just finished my lunch when my entire apartment started violently shaking and Tessa started going crazy.  I have never witnessed an earthquake before, never really thought about what to expect, never really thought that if I ever felt one I'd question what I was feeling, BUT I was totally confused.  I thought maybe the people on top of us had their washing machine going crazy, or perhaps below us because my butt was rumbling too.  I literally had Tessa in my arms just staring at our balcony shaking.  I thought for sure any minute the apartment was going to crumble and the earth was going to crack in half. 

Well, I guess I experienced my first earthquake and I must admit that I do not scare easily, and it really did frighten me.  My heart dropped and it took quite awhile for it to get back in place.  Thank God there was no damage and everyone was fine.  A few things falling and that is all.  And our newly bloomed sunflower did survive yet another natural disaster.  

The epicenter was just thirty miles away from us. Check out the map:

Here are some pictures of the damage around our area:

I am so happy I was in the apartment when it happened and not still food shopping! I would have been even more of a nervous wreck!

And just when I thought the world ending had come to an end, the hurricane is heading straight for us.

I'm telling you, I have a bad feeling we are getting a terribly storm coming our way.  I just hope there isn't too much damage.  Every time we have a 'normal' thunder and lightening storm, we get an incredible amount of damage.  I've never seen storms like I've seen here.  Who would have thought?

Well everyone, Happy Tuesday.  And happy first earthquake to me and the pup - glad we made out safe and sound.