Happy Friday

Happy Friday :) 

Very short post today wishing you all a happy weekend.  Time for me to do some pilates and cleaning (Friday is cleaning day), but first, my stop motion animation from today.  And people, be easy on me.  I officially have no digital camera that allows me to focus properly, so this entire shoot (250 pictures) I had to estimate the proper focal distance for things to be in focus (kill me) and as you can see, I am not so great at it.  Ugh, I miss my cameras.  BUT I love my gummies and Yael Naim, so enjoy. 

Have a good weekend all!

aosalksfja lkfjaslkfjas *NOTE TO SELF* do not attempt to fill the tub when I am distracted with other things - a centimeter away from flooding the bathroom/apartment *afijalkjf alkfjalkfjalf *