Hello Stranger

Well, hello stranger.  It's been two months since my last blog post, but more importantly, two months since the last time I've created something.  The thoughts and ideas have been there. And the time has probably been there too.  Yikes, even the energy has been there. But it was an intentional unintentional (yes, you read that right) BREAK from I don't know what. 

Does it feel like it has been two months? Absolutely not.  Here I am with an almost 8 month old crawling at my toes and I just can't believe how quickly time goes.  Yes, I'm a broken record, but man oh man does it fly.  I look at past work, recycling old ideas into new, and when I look at the year in which they're from, I almost cringe.  But time passing can be a blessing.  It can bring clarity that you didn't know you needed, but become very thankful for.  I had two VERY hard days.  Motherhood can be challenging to say the least.  And then here I am today, motivated to work, feeling like myself, excited about today and about the future, seeing so OBVIOUSLY what was missing.  I know we need those bad days in between the good, but it does not make them any easier.  And it certainly doesn't help that they seem endless when they do arrive. 

So here's something I worked on today.  I've been looking a lot at old work trying to figure out my roots again.  What is it I want to create? That, my friends, sounds very exciting to explore. So yay for Friday and yay for freedom - freedom to just explore whatever it is I want to - being a mother, being a contemporary artist, being a studio photographer, being an illustrator, or, best yet, being a combination of all of those things. Happy Friday Folks!