New Thoughts, New Things

My current schedule seems to be that there's no schedule AT ALL and I am doing my best to embrace it.  Some days it works beautifully, other days I can't help but feel blah.  But that's just life, right? 

What I do know, though, is that dreaming about the subtle warmth of spring and seeing all colorful things start to bloom is making me excited.  And with that excitement comes new ideas and testing out those new ideas.  So here I am, delving into lots of color and lots of nature.  Hoping for lots of new work in time for spring. 

But in the meantime, I am really trying to live each day to the fullest, so even though I am eager for spring, I am trying not to put too much energy there.  Because if I do, I know these days will pass too quickly, without a moment of appreciation or a moment of enjoyment.  So tell me - what are the day to day things you look forward to throughout the winter.  I suppose a hot cup of hazelnut coffee is one for me (hot and flavored coffee tends to be a thing just in the cold weather months for me), although I swear it's not the same without the caffeine (still haven't been back on caffeine since being pregnant, having my daughter, and now nursing her).  As for other things I can look forward to in the winter - I just don't know.  I mean unless, of course, there is a beach vacation booked.  And right now, there is absolutely no beach vacation booked.  So boo there.  Time for a decaf hazelnut coffee to perk me up. 

Happy Tuesday!