Home Tour: Master Bedroom Makeover

I realized when I was first getting together our Master Bedroom, I was doing it in a way that wasn't really me.  I was getting things and decorating

because that's what belonged in a master bedroom

.  Two nightstands, two lamps, neutral comforter, etc.  And all of this happened while thinking that in the end it would look hotel chic.  And let me tell you, it was far from hotel chic.  You can check out the first initial attempt at the bedroom



What the room was majorly lacking was personality, so this time around instead of doing what I felt

belonged in a master bedroom,

I just did us (maybe me). With a very tight budget, I convinced the man, like usual, with a Photoshop version of what I was hoping for.  And wahoo for him not only being on board with it, but for helping and making it that much more fun.  So first the Photoshop plan and then the real before and after images. Enjoy!

Along with the rest of the house mini makeovers, the room feels way less cluttered and way more put together. And best part is (well, there are a few) it got done in two weekends, it didn't cost us more than $200 and our room now has personality!

And in case you're in love with my sexy husband floating in the Caribbean Sea, you can now buy that large


that hangs above the bed in my


.  And don't worry.  It's totally abstract...so it's not really like you have my husband hanging in your house!

Happy Thursday!

xo, Laura