Nature Nerd: Geeking Out At Aquariums

You know when you're searching for something that you know exists somewhere, but somehow it just disappeared? And you feel like you CAN'T stop searching.  Yep, that's me right now..looking for a post that I swear I did, but somehow can't find. I tend to never give up on these things (I once waited/searched for nine months to find the remote for my camera instead of spending the $40 for the new one), but I think I'm calling it quits on finding the post.

And yes, this is a text (AND PHOTO) heavy post - haven't had one of these in awhile.  Well, probably not since the mysteriously missing post!

It was related to this post and talked about the whole process of starting a photography series.  I shared some images that I had recently taken at the Camden Aquarium that were inspired by Gary Winogrand (check out the above post link).  In particular this image and this image had me falling hard for Winogrand's style. In my last semester of school, I had an assignment where I had to choose a photographer to mimic both in style and in subject matter, and I chose Winogrand.  Due to some film mishaps and the Richmond Zoo being not such a happening zoo (sorry Richmond, I'm used to the Bronx!), the series did not come out as great as I was hoping for. It was actually much harder than I expected to catch some awesome animal/human interaction.  Hmm..who would've thought.

Anyway, here are some of the images I captured from that trip to the Camden Aquarium that are now over a year old.  And yes, you may recognize them if in fact that post existed.

Now even though I had done an assignment when I was trying to get pictures like the above pictures (and didn't), these were sort of

happy little accidents

(thanks Bob Ross for those three inspirational words). It started more as the kids were hogging the front row view of the hippos and I was trying to get pictures of just the hippos in between flailing hands and "that hippo just pooped near my face" talk. I did succeed in some, but while looking at my camera I actually really liked the pictures with the flailing hands (which look oddly serene and peaceful in the images).

And thus, being reminded of Winogrand, and somehow succeeding in doing something I wanted to without really trying, a series was born.

PHEW. Not we're up to date. And I've come to the conclusion that I deleted this original post for some odd reason. And now for the new section (YES, ALL OF THAT WAS



One of the reasons I was really excited to go to the Bahamas (other than all of the obvious reasons) was to continue this series.  I hadn't been to an aquarium since the Camden pictures, so I was super excited to be


by aquariums all week long.

And then two sad things happened:

1. I only got about 20 minutes with all the aquariums with my camera in hand (hey, I was busy being on vacation)

2. When I tried tried to shoot with the intention of this series it was not easy! Boo hoo.

Happy little  accidents

, why can't you happen all the time?

3. (Yes, I guess it's really three reasons) It's really not that cool to try and follow kids around an aquarium and take pictures of them. Hello alarmed parents. I don't blame you.

So here's what I came back with...

 Again, two problems..

1) These are all my husband. And yes, I love him to death and yes he's a good sport and always poses for me when I tell him to do this or that, but for me, children at an aquarium are just much better subject matter...but maybe it's because of the fact that

2) These are posed and that could totally be why they lose the magic for me (even though I still like some of the images).  Or maybe there's nothing wrong with them being posed and I should just make my husband follow me around the world to every aquarium and be my personal model.  In which case I think I'd like him to be my personal hand model because there's something more intriguing in the images with distinct hands versus the images without them. 

I don't know.  All I know is that this is the thought process that goes through my mind every time I do a new series and it's draining.  So many decisions to make that I seem to never be able to commit to. And out of desperation after my vacation, I thought maybe I can just combine aquarium images that I've taken over the years (before this series ever existed) with other images of people (including myself) and create new images without actually visiting aquariums.  And I came up with two.

And again, even though I like the images, I feel as though they are missing something, and I'm sort of back to where I was, just liking my

happy little accident

images and wanting to make a series out of it.

UGH.  And people think being an artist is easy (just kidding, kind of).

Now I can see why I deleted the original post I've been referring too - I'm sure it was just a lengthy tangent that I later regretted.  Note to self: Don't delete this.

Okay, that's all. I swear. Happy Friday! And if you have hints/tips/suggestions on any of the above images, please let me know.  I could use a good old critique.

xo, Laura

And PS (one last thing and I promise it's worth it) how did I just discover this picture by Winogrand of a piggy and woman swimming together.  I mean if it wasn't taken in 1964, I would swear it was me and Moo Shu.  Total love fest of this picture going on right now.