DIY: Faux Felt Flower Balls

As I mentioned, I've been busy going from room to room in our house making little changes here and there.  Although there have been (and will be) some bigger changes, this was just a little something I added to our

living room

After retiring some of our

mismatched vases

from the television console, I knew I wanted something more uniform and simple there.  I had the idea of lining the entire console with mason jars and thought little pom pom flowers (

like from the wedding

) would be perfect there.  Except instead of the yarn ones I am familiar with, I figured I'd try felt ones to get a more perfect ball shape, like



And then I came across three problems..

1) The felt I needed was really hard to find. What aisle would it be in?

2) Once I finally found it (in a nameless aisle, FYI), it was much pricier then I was excepting, and well I didn't want this to be more than a $10 project.

3) Even if I was willing to spend more, I wanted really neutral colors, and unless I was looking in the wrong place, the felt I saw was much more colorful than I wanted.

So as I was walking helplessly out of the craft store, I found these funny little balls things..and I knew I was set!  Here's what you'll need:

1. Flower stems.  I opted for the thicker, neutral colored ones.

2. Glue for the hot glue gun

3. Hot glue gun

4. These weird balls! I found them on the outskirts of the floral area.

5. Scissors

6. A tea kettle or something with similar a curve

Now, not much explanation here.  A


simple DIY. Cut stems to desired length.  I did three different lengths.  Hot glue balls to the stems (I pushed each stem into the ball for a little extra strength).  Take stem and curve around the kettle for a nice, natural curve (like below).

And voila! You're done and you have some cool, neutral looking flower ball things! I shall call them

Faux Felt Flower Balls

(obviously).  It really helped to add just a little something to our living room, and all under $10 too.

Have a great day!

xo, Laura