Home Tour: Odds and Ends

And here we are, at the end of the home tour, with just a few odds and ends to get done.  Now, I'm sure there will be more home tour


posts as we live here, but the first round of things are officially done.

And it feels OH SO GOOD.

You might


this above piece from a show I was working on, and although I don't tend to hang my own work in my house, this piece (after it didn't sell) was kind of made for the hallway.  I love that it brings in the black, white, grey and yellow accents from the guest room next to it. Happy, happy accident.

And of course to end it properly, a picture of the puggle.  On the nice, clean stairs with no dirty, dirty runner.  I love this dog. She waits so patiently until she knows you're coming down the stairs with her.

xo, Laura