Home Tour: Guest Bedroom (2)

Next on the tour - our second guest bedroom.  We wanted to be very light and it started


white, but it was a little too hospital-ish.  So, in the end, this is what we ended up with. And we are much happier now that we've added some contrast.  You learn as you go, right?

I had in my mind a word search for awhile, so I thought a guest room was the perfect spot for it, with the words "be" "our" and "guest" already circled.  I think my brother was the last one to stay in this room and it looks like he found "Tessa" and "Moo Shu" (if you're new to this blog, then it might help to know that those are the names of my dog and my pig - yes..pig).

And yes, it seems to be a common thing that the puggle sneaks into at least one picture of every room.  I am certain she's smelling whatever faint scent is left from her cousin (my brother's dog) from when they visited. 

And that's that! Enjoy the rest of the day!

xo, Laura