Happy Tabletop

When my husband and I first started dating, I joked that he liked old people candy. You know? Like that candy that you feel like NOBODY gets at the movie theater - yea, he loves it all. Even though we both had a mutual love of lollipops and ice cream, the whole hot tamales idea did not appeal to me.

Until now. Man is he rubbing off on me because I officially love hot tamales. And that makes the whole eating right and losing weight thing not happy. At all. But I'm working on it. Here's to the last bit of sweet, sweet treats!

Things currently making me happy:

-Being home. We've done a lot of traveling recently and it feels SO GOOD to be home. SO GOOD. 

-Eating right despite what the above picture may suggest. Don't believe every picture you see. Duh.

-Early mornings and late nights (hello getting dark out later - you rock)

-My hubs.  Not that he doesn't make me happy every week, but I'm really looking forward to our upcoming anniversary (where did that year go?)

Have a great start to the week and enjoy the day off if you have one!

xo, Laura