Happy Tabletop

Yes, the series name changed.  It just seemed more appropriate these days to be Happy Tabletop then Happy Things, but yes, it's still about the little happy things that get me through the week (and through life)!

Things currently making me happy:

-Citrus. Citrus. Citrus. And my new way of cutting citrus.

-Early morning work outs

-Home, sweeeeeeet, home (we've been doing a lot of traveling/driving recently and it is soo nice coming home to a house of our own)

-My grandfather passed away recently, and although it's a very sad time, it makes me happy to know he was able to come to our wedding. It also makes me very happy thinking about him and my grandmother being together again.  Because according to him, the only problem they ever had was "figuring out when the honeymoon would end.  And it never did." Oh Poppy, I'll miss you. Hopefully me and the hubs will follow in their never ending honeymoon footsteps.

Keep enjoying the little things (and the big things).

xo, Laura