I Am Busy

My happy things this past week is based around one giant happy thing - the warmth of the sun. It's amazing to me that something so simple can make such a huge difference.  Feeling the warm sun against my skin for the first time in what feels like


is enough to plaster a smile on my face for days to come. 

And so it goes, I'm drifting off into a dream (daydream) world, dreaming of everything from a trip to Costa Rica to starting an herb garden to adding bright yellow flowers to the front of our yard.  Spring, I know you will be here soon -- I can feel you -- but please, please, hurry up.  I need you.

These past few days have felt like I have had permanent

happy sunglasses

on (that's what I call them). You know those sunglasses that have a hint of orange in the lens and when you put them on, well everything has a certain glow to it? And it IMMEDIATELY brings you back to feet in the sand, sun on your back, and just overall wonderfulness.  Yea, everybody should have a pair of happy sunglasses, and even though I don't currently own a pair, I certainly feel like I've been wearing some.  And I'm loving it.

So as I leave you to daydream for yourself, this

stock photo illustration

is seriously adorable, so check it out.  That is


how I feel right now.  My daydreams tend to involve fish and



involve the ocean.

And if you have time, definitely check out Kari Lise's paintings.  There is something so magical about these

daydreaming maidens

.  Love!

And last one to check out - this


.  I seriously love the

 Little Boy Daydreaming

(right image) by artist Kareena Zerefos.

Happy, Happy (SUNNY) Monday!

xo, Laura