Happy Things

1. Who doesn't love a color called "Ocean Whisper"? Yes, I am one of those people. Well, I mean I like the color initially because of the color, but when I see a good old name on it, I'm sold. For sure. 

2. Just my favorite new product ever that shines beautifully in the sunlight.  I bought mine from


 (doesn't look like you can buy it online there yet), and haven't seen it at a lot of places, but let me tell you, oil on your face isn't such a bad thing! I love this stuff.  I keep telling my husband, "My face smells like a spa!"

That's all I got for today! 

Did you guys read

Mandee's post

from last week? 



related to it and am in the midst of going through it right now (example: redoing the basement, the laundry room, the guest room, all while organizing all of the drawers containing any sort of nail, screw, hammer, or tool in general). 

I should take that

personality test

and see what I come up with. 

Speaking of which, have you taken

this test

to determine what career you should have or

this one

to tell what kind of dog you'd be? 

I was pretty surprised with both of mine - Astronaut and Corgi. 

Oh well! Now I totally feel like I'm not living up to my potential.  Space, here I come. 

Happy Monday!

xo, Laura