Wedding: Getting Ready (1)

It's hard to believe our wedding was already five months ago, but things have finally settled down and it's time to start sharing pictures! Yay! I really would not have changed a single thing about our wedding - it was perfect and it was very us, which is all we really wanted. 

So to kick it off, here's a look at us getting ready.  Yay for beautiful images! Thank you, thank you, thank you

With Love & Embers

! You guys rock. 

With the wedding being in New Jersey, we both got ready where we grew up (both within a few minutes of each other).  The boys were at Anthony's parents house and the girls were at my father's house, which yes, consisted of Oh!s (best cereal ever!) and lots of puggle time. 

Before we got dressed, Anthony's brother took my gift to Anthony and dropped his off to me.  I went the bling bling route and got Anthony a watch he's always wanted, and leave it to him to go the sentimental route - he framed our very first guitar lesson (yes, that's how we met - he was my guitar teacher).  It was ridiculously sweet - yep, those are my friends reacting to the gift in the bottom picture.  He also got me new underwater housing for my camera - but that one I knew was coming.  Still...awesome. My man knows me! 

And that's that.  More to come next week! 

xo, Laura