Home Tour: Powder Room

Six months in and we are


done with house projects -- for now.  

So now it's time for a home tour! 

Yay! First up - the downstair's powder room. 

Our home projects have been (for the most part) on a tight budget.  There's only so much money we could put towards our home to update because it's money we won't be seeing again if we decide to sell.  So most work is a simple as paint, changing out faucets, and decor, but anything else, we really have to sit down and decide if it's worth it. 

I made this shelf for the powder room from a single piece of hardwood flooring that was left in the garage.  I used some hooks (sideways) and some rope to add to the nautical-ish decor.  This bathroom was done two times before we got to this final step.  It's a hard space to work with - small and no natural light.  Most people would run away from painting it black, but hey, we like it. 

Oh yea, and in case you didn't already know this, I really like polka dots. A lot! And yes, there were lots of snowman here when we looked at this house, and no, it wasn't anywhere close to Christmas!

Happy Home!

xo, Laura