Honeymoon: Part VI

Yep. That's right. I am the worst


wife ever and made my man go scuba diving for the first time on our honeymoon. Oops. But I am TOTALLY happy we went. Thank you best husband


Having been diving quite a bit, we had always discussed the idea of diving on our honeymoon, but with my husband not being certified beforehand, I wasn't actually sure if it was going to happen.  Once the honeymoon got closer and closer, I was pretty comfortable with the fact that we were not going to be diving.  But once we were there for a few days, I started itching to go.  

I hadn't been diving in so long, and I knew the chance to do it again probably wouldn't have been for awhile, so I batted the eyelashes and asked the man if he was down (and ps I probably couldn't actually bat my eyelashes if my life depended on it).  I just knew I would regret not going, and I was secretly envious seeing the divers come in at the end of a long day of diving.  Hello jealousy!! 

The man, of course, said yes.  And he watched his instructional dvd, and we were told there would be a one on one instruction for him beforehand, and that his instructor would be by his side every step (or kick?) of the way and that he could go on both dives with us, not just the second.  Wahoo! Win, win :)

That is until the instructor gave a whole 30 second introduction (all underwater-eek!) and well, left him as soon as we descended on the first dive.  Man, he was a trooper.  And did quite well I must say - much better than me on my first two dives, but than again, I did have a string attached to me.  

I must say, the diving was much better than I was expecting and I am


happy we went, but it was a little worrisome going with my brand new husband, who had no idea how to dive.  When I saw his hand signal for turtle, though, it made it all worth it.  It still cracks me up. Man, I love that man!

These photos of him totally fit into one of my series that I am continually working on, but never actually compile properly.  Titled something along the lines of "Adaptation," I am always secretly laughing and photographing how silly we are as humans.  I mean we put this ridiculous equipment on to try to get a glimpse of a world we could never survive in.  And yes, I am one of those silly humans because yes, I am madly in the love with the ocean.  And my husband..

Happy, Happy Tuesday!

xo, Laura