Our Home: Sneak Peeks From Instagram

If you follow me on instagram (


), you saw a few little tidbits of our home yesterday. 

I walked around aimlessly taking pictures - it was a rainy, dreary day. 

 It fit the mood. 

Anyway, thought I'd share them here. 



house tour will come eventually, promise. 

1. Being lazy on the couch in the living room.

2. Powder bathroom. Polka dots and a shelf made out of extra hardwood flooring. Silly, I know.

3. Guest room filled with lots of Moo Shu and Tessa.  Oops ;)  

4. Frame decals in the hallway from

Walls Need Love

(Did I Mention I love Walls Need Love?!). 

5. Word search and ceiling in the other guest room.

6. A lovely message when we walk into the closet. 

And that's it!

Happy Thursday. 

xo, Laura