Honeymoon: Part IV

Even though we ended up doing a lot more activities than we initially planned on doing on our honeymoon, there was still


of time to hang out around the hotel (both when the weather was good and when the weather was not so hot).  

The hotel really was beautiful, and I loved how it was set up like the Mediterranean.  Though the set up is gorgeous, being built going up the mountain, we were happy to be close to the shore.  It was nice being able to walk everywhere as opposed to waiting for the shuttle. 

I don't think we went in the main pool once, but we did take advantage of one of the smaller, more private pools, which was really nice. 

Other than that, we took advantage of hanging out on the beach, eating at the restaurants, enjoying the music at happy hour and just walking around the hotel. 

We would definitely recommend taking out the jet skis off of the beach.  Even though they are not associated with the resort, you can get on them right there, and we had a blast on it.  My husband was going so fast, I can honestly say that I laughed uncontrollably the whole ride.  I was like a little kid on a roller coaster for the first time -- it was great.  

That's it for now! Time to catch up on a long list of things ;)

xo, Laura