Honeymoon: Part II

The house is almost, sort of, really close to getting there, seriously



For now.


Man, why do I obsess about



Oh well. 

Here's the second bit of our honeymoon. 

It's funny..one of the reasons we picked St. Lucia is because we wanted a beach without much to do.  We wanted to relax.  And seriously relax.  Not the relaxing that has you thinking you have to do an activity everyday you are there. 

What we didn't expect though, or at least not me, was bad weather. 

And the first few days were really not the best. 

Hello Tropical Storm.

So what does that mean? We did exactly what we didn't want to.  

We booked activities.  And we ended up having a ball. 

Funny how things work out. 

First up...zip-lining, which I was especially excited about because it was something we could both experience for the first time together. 

The zip-lining itself was way more fun than I was expecting. 

I mean I always wanted to try it, just because I never had, but I never expected to actually think it was really cool. But it was. 

My favorite line wasn't the tallest one, but it was the fastest one (and was pretty long too) and as soon as I started it, above all the trees in the rainforest, it started raining.  It was really cool and I loved every second of it. 

It looks like it's going to be a rainy week here. 

Perfect for working on the house!

xo, Laura