Honeymoon: Part I

For those of you who don't know, we went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon.  We wanted to go somewhere beachy (for sure), warm, and not too far away, so that we didn't waste a lot of time traveling  (we were already traveling beforehand for preparation for the wedding and for the actual wedding, of course!). 

Based on recommendations from others and from our own research, we decided to stay at the

Windjammer Landing

Having an all-inclusive plan was something that was very important to us so that we didn't have to worry once we got there, and the Windjammer was one of the few locations that offered that.  

Having a private villa was also important to us, and the beautiful thing about the Windjammer Landing is that it is set up like the Mediterranean, filled with different sized villas. 

Ours was one of the newer ones, part of the

Hibiscus Suites

, and we really could not have been happier with the room. That's one thing the Windjammer definitely had going for them - the accommodations were perfect. We had a nice kitchen and living room, leading into a beautiful big bedroom with a beautiful big bathroom, all surrounded by a gorgeous (and big!) balcony, including a hot tub and killer ocean view.  

Man, just typing this is making me want to go back!

I loved the greenery (not sure what it was) that spelled out "Welcome Enjoy Your Stay" when we arrived.  Our first night we explored the hotel, took a stroll on the beach, checked out the pools, and well, SLEPT! We (especially me) were very, very, tired.  The entire week before the wedding, I think I totaled about 12 hours of sleep. Just thinking about it makes me tired ;)

Oh St. Lucia, you are missed!

xo, Laura