BIG ideas!

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, you would have read

Boo lights on during the day. Grey winter days go away!

under this picture, but, in reality, I'm happy by the light bulb (well, the one in my head, at least).

You might have noticed that I've been a bit missing here on my blog, and haven't gone through with some my normal scheduled weekly posts, and well, that's because I've done a lot of thinking about my blog this past week.

I had a circumstance that wasn't necessarily the nicest, but opened my eyes a bit in a good way! (Don't you love when that happens?).  It allowed me to realize that 1) a lot of what I represent on this blog is other work (yes, work that inspires, but all I do is the layouts for them, which takes up a lot of my time)  and 2)  I obviously support the work of the represented artists I was just referring to (why else would they be on my blog?), but I don't necessarily do enough research on who I am supporting. It's always purely aesthetic.  

For all I know one of the artists I have featured here could be an animal hater - and I would have no idea! And I certainly don't want to be a supporter of an animal hater (even if their work does inspire me)! 

[I sure hope that hasn't happened]

Follow? Probably not. I've totally been in an over-thinking, completely hyper-active, a million thoughts running through my head kind of mood, which I of course love and hate all at the same time.  

So all of this rant is just to say that from now on this blog is going to be more me! Not focusing on what inspires me (because let's be honest, the same artists float around Pinterest and blogs all day long),  but more my work.  Well, all of my work.  No more schedules (for now), but more tidbits of life and me.  That's the only way for this blog to be unique -- if it's truly and uniquely just me!

So that's that!

Happy Monday!

xo, Laura

PS I am a bit late but the 52 Week Project will be updated today for last week!