52 Week Challenge

I decided that this year, I want to push myself in terms of creativity. 
It's easy to "forget" to create things when you caught up in day to day life. 

I am terrified of committing to any 365 project
(seriously doing something EVERYDAY feels daunting), 

but I figured I'd give a 52 week challenge a go. 

Or three a go.

And it seems the whole 52 week challenge is quite popular in 2013. 

My first: a self-portrait a week (photography)

My second: a still life a week (photography)

My third: a life drawing each week (no not a nude model, just something I'm looking at in person - no drawings based on pictures or imagination).

***A life drawing each week quickly turned into a phoodle each week. Boo life drawing!***

My goal is to 1) take more pictures and 2) start drawing more with a pencil, ink, and colors (not on my tablet) and to draw from life instead of imagination.  Let's face it, I need practice. 

So stay tuned for the results of week one - yes, it's a bit late. I blame it on the cold. 

xo, Laura