Weekly Snaps: July (1)

I am behind on pictures since our last minute trip home to New Jersey, so...

here's a recap. 

Friday before we left we made a tent and watched movies all night. 

Yep, that's right. 

It was an awesome tent. 

Funny thing was..we were so into our in little world we didn't even realize a terrible storm was going on outside. 

Was pretty funny when we finally emerged from the tent and saw what was going on. 

And check out the little paw creeping in this picture...

(got to love her)

Once we were back in Jersey, I got to spend some time with my crazy cute new nephew.

And surprise, surprise - someone else crashed the party!

And back in Charlottesville things have been pretty quiet. 

Been busy working on all kinds of new things.

Tessa and I tried out a new trail.

And I got some new nature pictures I'm obsessing over for the week.

Notice how the leaves on the above tree are ombre. 

How in fashion that tree is!

I just love my f 1.2 50 mm lens. 

And of course, last, but certainly not least, some Tessa loving. 

So stinking cute..

gif maker

..wait for the perfect smile..

there it is :)

Happy Weekend!

And the picture overload is done

xo, Laura