Milford Sound in New Zealand

Oh Happy Monday!

Anyone else getting bombarded with some quite random snow? 

VERY happy to work from home today :)

I made a decision on Friday to stop (well try to stop) watching television for a month and three days in, I must say I feel a difference.  I feel quite alert this Monday and actually felt like the weekend was longer than usual (which obviously means more time to relax).  Let's hope I can last a month and let's hope I can actually focus this week unlike the end of last week!

I figured I'd share some Instagram love today since I haven't in forever. Here's what my last week or so has looked like.  If you want to find me on Instragram, my username is of course

Turquoise Lollipops


I love working from home and getting to spend more time with this precious face!

My little angel. 

The weather in Charlottesville has been quite interesting. One day, it's spring and the next it's snowing. 

Hmm..can't seem to figure it out, but even though the snow is coming down today, it's supposed to get near the 70s later in the week, so no complaints here :)

1. First

Blurred Reality

Painting finished (!) 2. A very successful trip to the gallery 3. Some more pet portraits (

Mini Loves


I've been trying to do a ton of digital sketches recently in anticipation for an upcoming print sale, but man oh man do my eyes and hands hurt after a day full of drawing on the computer.  They definitely have been taking MUCH longer than I had anticipated and coming out way worse than I would like, but here a couple I've been working on. I think I need to take a break from them for awhile. 

I'd like to think anatomy can be colorful. 

I'd also like to think some ocean critters just need to get away sometimes...

If only some puffer fish could help me fly away to the beach!

Enjoy the day!!

Milford Sound in New Zealand