Milford Sound in New Zealand

My work has been a bit jumbled lately - one day I get nothing done and the next I'm super productive.  I'll blame it on the stress ;)

Sometimes it's important to just walk away, though, and not force anything.  You'll figure out why it's not working for you and well, you'll fix it when the time is right. 

That's what happened with me this past week with the

Sometimes I Just Need To Get Way

 sketch series.  

There was something missing from the shark one (even when I finished it) and once I started the octopus, I just couldn't finish it. 

And then Target happened.  Don't you just love Target?! I found this amazing metallic inkjet printer paper and it made all the difference in the world (to me).  The prints just weren't supposed to be on a super white background.  


1) Check out the paper.  It is amazing and not that expensive! I couldn't find the exact one I bought on the Target website, but I did find it


. The color I have is

Champagne Pearl

and yes, it's as beautiful as it sounds. 

Although the picture doesn't do it justice (it's quite hard to capture the particular shine it has), here are two images of the shark printed on the paper. 

2) Check out the rest of the prints (so far).  They are not yet available on Etsy, but are on


, if you want to check them out ;) 

Sometimes I Just Need To Get Away (Shark)

Sometimes I Just Need To Get Away (Octopus)

Sometimes I Just Need To Get Away (Whale)

Sometimes I Just Need To Get Away (Jellyfish)

I also got some new business cards in this week and for the first time ever, I am actually happy with how they came out! I've been working with a new company (where we got our Christmas cards made and where I now get my postcards made) and I've been very satisfied.  One thing I love about them is that they are able to do rounded corners, which I LOVE.  Also, they can do UV Spot printing, which means you can have a particular part of your business card gloss while the rest remains a matte finish. 

Here's what mine look like.  It's hard to tell from a picture, but my logo (the elephant) is done with the UV Spot printing and it really makes an amazing difference.  So happy I did it!

I also got to work on two more lovely "Mini Love" pet portraits this week and I had my first animal that wasn't a dog - a beautiful rat Addy!

Here's the lovebug:

And meet Callie (she's a Michigan fan)!

And last, but not least, on this mad, mad Monday...some



Our beautiful Puggle got very, very sick :( 

But she is feeling better now!

See? She looks better! And I splurged jewelry shopping this week (convincing myself it's less expensive than buying clothes - which I wanted).  I am totally loving my neon necklace purchase though!

That's all! Back to Charlottesville tomorrow and then the man leaves for Florida for another interview for a few days. No man and no television! There's going to be lots of art making this week!

Milford Sound in New Zealand