Milford Sound in New Zealand

I have major news and news I thought I never would be able to share!


I have had my fair share of experiences ruining my hair (dying, curling, etc.) and even going years without touching it with dye or heat, it would still look a mess. Everyone who ever cut my hair told me it was dry and to get deep conditioning treatments and leave in conditioners and so on and so forth and they never made a difference! People also kept telling me to use sulfate free shampoo, which I was doing for months without any change.  Since I've moved to Charlottesville, my hair has been even worse because the water definitely has some build up here. 

And then something magical happened.  I FINALLY went to somebody who knew what they were talking about and they told me my hair wasn't knotty or dry at all - there was just build up.  She suggested I get a clarifier and use it once or twice a week instead of my normal shampoo and it's been great! Not only that, but she also suggested Moroccan oil if my hair ever does feel dry and let me tell you, this stuff is magic. It makes your hair so soft, so manageable, and sooooo yummy smelling. You need to definitely try it if you haven't yet. 

So I am quite happy to admit my hair is healthy! And yes, if the tips are looking a bit blonde it's because I finally went for the ombre look (I used ammonia free dye of course so there'd be no damage).

Yay for healthy hair :)

Enjoy the weekend and pick up some Moroccan oil! 

Milford Sound in New Zealand