Milford Sound in New Zealand

This past weekend was my first to test out some new boundaries I have set for myself to try to prevent being overworked and stressed out and it was great! I've decided to push aside work for the weekends (even for a few hours a day) and to get all my working out done over the week.  That leaves all the time on weekends to just RELAX.  And sometimes relaxation comes in the form of working out and working (such as painting), which is fine, but no more pressure to get things done on the weekend.  

And let me tell you, it's already paying off.  This weekend was great!

Saturday we did our first date that we picked from our date box (remember the

Valentine's Day

post?).  It was one that the man thought of and it was perfect - going to a strip of antique stores we always pass on the trip back to New Jersey.  We had in our heads that it was about an hour drive there and back and it blew my mind to see it was 20 minutes up the road.  How come we hadn't been before?! 

We went to only one large antique store, but it was great.  So many good finds!

I'm happy to start making the best of the rest of our time here in Charlottesville.  There's just so much to do!

Sunday was also really fun because we took a nice leisure walk with the pup around our neighborhood and explored a ton of open houses.  Usually I'd be worried about all that I had to get done before the day was over, but it was so relaxing. 

I'm liking this no work on the weekend thing ;)

And for this mad, mad Monday, I bring you four of my newest creations, a little series I liked to call:

Yes, I Exist

They are currently available on


and will be up for grabs on



Hope you Enjoy! 

Yes, I Exist (Barreleye Fish)

Yes, I Exist (Dumbo Octopus)

Yes, I Exist (Narwhal)

Yes, I Exist (Sea Angel)

Oh and one last thing! The


Photography Festival that is held in Charlottesville every year announced the artists for this year. I am so, so, so excited the

David Doubilet

is the


speaker this year. He is seriously one of my all time favorite photographers (an underwater photographer of course) and was part of my senior thesis exhibition.  Oh love. In honor of him, a photo of the day is needed I think!

Milford Sound in New Zealand

David Doubilet

(PS He is the one behind the split lens that allows all the half underwater half above water images - genius)

I'll be back later today, but enjoy the morning!

Milford Sound in New Zealand