Milford Sound in New Zealand

The weekend went by WAY too fast, but what a lovely weekend it was.  

I am all about Valentine's Day today (and tomorrow and was this past weekend). 

I was really going for a Turquoise type Valentine's Day and not the normal pink. 

Can you tell?

My man and I decided to not spend on money for Valentine's Day this year (except for dinner tomorrow night), so I knew I had to think of something fun and creative for him.  I went for a bit of a treasure hunt. 

There were (9) hearts each with a date and time, which was when he could open a clue.  He had to find the corresponding number, which held the clue inside, and begin is hunt for a reason I love him. 

The clues still go until tomorrow night and so far it's been ridiculously funny watching him hunt for the clues. 

We also decided to do a date box to try and spend some more time together (off the couch).  We each came up with six dates (not telling each other what we were writing), mixed them up, and randomly shoved them in envelopes numbered one through twelve.  Now, once a week, we start dating :)

We also did one last thing that will become a tradition for Valentine's Day.  We each wrote each other a love letter, picked out a bottle of wine together, and placed it in a box, which I then sewed shut.  Next time we are fighting (which hopefully doesn't happen although I do want to read my letter), we will open the box, pour each other a glass of wine, and sit down and read each other's letters. For now, the box is hidden away. 

Oh! And we also had some fun heart shaped pasta :)

Happy, happy love. 

The apartment is looking like spring with all the flowers the man has been bringing home this week. Love, love, love him and love, love, love spring.  

Couldn't be happier. 

And once last bit of mushy love nonsense before I go. 

A sketch of what I consider to be perfection. 

Me taking a picture of the man taking a picture of me while Moo Shu takes a picture of Tessa while she is taking a picture of him while a camera on a tripod is taking a picture of all of us taking pictures of each other.  What can I say? Love makes you crazy!

Happy almost Valentine's Day Everyone!